Winters Instruments PGWT0100 Low Pressure Gas and Water Test Kit; 1/2" & 3/4" NPT, 5 psi Gas, 160 psi Water

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Winters Instruments Mfr # PGWT0100 – Item # EW-68058-78
Test gas and water lines quickly and easily
  • ASME B40.100 compliant
  • ANSI/ASME Grade B


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$70.00USD / Each
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Specifications & Description

  • Process Connection1/2" & 3/4" NPT (M)
  • Unit Of Measurementpsi
  • Media CompatibilityGas and Water
  • DescriptionLow Pressure Gas and Water Test Kit; 1/2" & 3/4" NPT, 5 psi Gas, 160 psi Water

Key Features

  • ASME B40.100 compliant
  • ANSI/ASME Grade B

More About this Item

Use these gas and water pressure test kits in facilities, process plants, and new construction for pressure decay testing. Models 68058-72, -74, and -76 are for gas leak testing, and feature a 2 1/2" gauge built into the protective case. Process connection is a 1/4" NPT(M) x 1/4" hose barb to attach to the 3-ft (0.9-m) rubber connection hose. Kits come with clamp to secure hose to barb fitting.

Model 68058-78 is a gas and water test kit with separate gauge and test block for gas and water. The gas test unit features a 2 1/2" steel gauge with rubber hand pump, hose, and ball valve. Simply connect the unit, open ball valve, and pump the hand pump to test for leaks. Process connection is 1/2" NPT(M) and has a pressure range of 0 to 5 psi. The water test unit features a 2" steel gauge on a test block with a 3/4" NPT(F) process connection and an 1/8" air connection. Simply pump air into the water line and check for leaks after 12 hours. Both gauges are accurate to ±3-2-3% full scale.




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