15-Watt Bench Lamps

Ideal for nondestructive testing or contamination control
UV lamps are available in 254 or 365 nm. The 365 nm models have self-filtering, low pressure "black light" tubes which stay cool for a longer period of time than conventional UV tubes making them ideal for non-destructive testing. Highly polished inner aluminum deflector provides maximum UV reflectance.
The 15-watt models are designed for flooding an area of 15 ft² at 20"; the 40-watt models flood an area of 300 ft² at 12 ft. All lamps include two tubes, brackets for wall or ceiling mounting, and a 7-ft, three-wire cord (115 VAC model comes with three-prong plug). Order exposure stand for 15-watt lamps below the table to provide a platform for UV testing.
$682.00 - $715.00USD / Each

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Power (Hz) Power (VAC) Wavelength
Availability Pricing
UV bench lamp; 15 watts, 254 nm, 115 VAC/60 Hz EW-97605-00 Mfr # 95004205
60 115 254 nm
$682.00USD / Each
Analytik Jena UV bench lamp; 15 watts, 254 nm, 230 VAC/50 Hz EW-97605-05 Mfr # 95-0042-09
50 230 254 nm
$715.00USD / Each
Analytik Jena UV bench lamp; 15 watts, 365 nm, 115 VAC/60 Hz EW-97605-10 Mfr # 95004206
60 115 365 nm
$715.00USD / Each
Analytik Jena UV bench lamp; 15 watts, 365 nm, 230 VAC/50 Hz EW-97605-15 Mfr # 95-0042-11
50 230 365 nm
$715.00USD / Each
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