Aalborg® Mass Flow Control Command Modules

Modular system works with any mass flow meter or controller*
  • Configure and direct the operation of up to 4 controllers either locally, via an RS-232 interface, or via the Internet
  • Use the integrated batch, totalizer, or timer functions with up to 8 relays to control external system devices or alarms
  • Controllers feature exceptional repeatability that reduces quality deviations in any process that relies on multiple devices
This design has a well-established standing in the control industry because of the flexibility and features that are inherent in what is a durable product. The unit is modular and control functions are set through a user-friendly programming tree. The use of universally interchangeable components allows users to configure a gas flow control system that can be integrated into a wide range of processes.

Use these command modules in conjunction with any analog or digital flow meter or controller that has a 0 to 5 VDC analog input/output.* Different gas calibrations for each channel are available for all models. Models feature full menu-driven software for programming parameters. Without the use of an additional programmer module or external software, four buttons on the unit’s face can be used to program and control all functions.

A primary benefit of this design is the flexibility with which the process control parameters can be set and monitored. The backlit LCD readout shows flows/totals in any of 13 different mass or volume flow units; up to four controller flow rates are shown in a single view. The local display is capable of displaying flow rate, set point, valve and alarm status along with totalizer data. An exceptionally crisp, bright vacuum fluorescent display can be ordered as an option; contact our Application Specialists for details.

For basic process monitoring or control, each controller channel has two normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) relays available. Program totalizer to activate alarms or actuate devices based on preset volumes. For more advanced control, several programmable functions are included within the module’s software—a batch program allows you to execute a custom program of up to 16 steps and a timer program can direct flow control through a user-defined series of up to 96 steps.

Select from models with RS-232 interface or ethernet interface. In addition to the comprehensive local display, an RS-232 port allows for the download of data to a computer for analysis. Modules can be ordered for communication via the Internet or TelNet. These features greatly enhance your ability to monitor data in real time and, in the case of Internet capability, to change controller settings from anywhere Internet access is available. Command modules operate from any 85 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz power source.

Please note when installing that the cabling distance between the command module and controllers should not exceed 9-3⁄4 feet (3 m).

*For configuration of command module to a controller(s) other than those in this website section, please contact our Application Specialists with technical information regarding the controller(s) that will be used.
$1,391.50 - $1,666.00USD / Each

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Aalborg Mass Flow Controller Command Module, 4 Controller Ports, RS-232
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EW-32681-22 Mfr # SDPROC-4A1-NA-L
Command module for mass flow controllers, 4 controller ports, RS-232 interface
$1,391.50USD / Each
Aalborg Mass Flow Command Module, 4-Channel, w/ RS232 and Ethernet
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EW-32681-25 Mfr # SDPROC-4A2-NA-L
Mass Flow Command Module, 4-Channel, w/ RS232 and Ethernet
$1,666.00USD / Each
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