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$47.75 - $183.00USD / Each

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Purity Grade Volume (mL) Description
Availability Pricing
Acros Organics AC158210025 Chloroform, stabilized 99+% (2.5l) EW-88164-21 Mfr # AC158210025
Stabilized 2500 Chloroform, stabilized 99 % (2.5 L)
$150.00USD / Each
Acros Organics AC167735000 Chloroform, stabilized, spectrophotometricgrade 99+% (500ml) EW-88177-90 Mfr # AC167735000
Spectrophotometric 500 Chloroform, stabilized, spectrophotometricgrade 99 % (500 mL)
$71.50USD / Each
Acros Organics AC232090025 Chloroform, stabilized p.a. (2.5l) CAS 67-66-3 EW-88247-12 Mfr # AC232090025
Pro Analysi 2500 Chloroform, stabilized p.a. (2.5 L)
$183.00USD / Each
Acros Organics AC268320025 Chloroform, stabilized, for HPLC (2.5l) EW-88258-94 Mfr # AC268320025
HPLC 2500 Chloroform, stabilized, for HPLC (2.5L)
$175.00USD / Each
Acros Organics AC364320010 Chloroform, extra dry, with molecular sieves (1l) EW-88337-64 Mfr # AC364320010
1000 Chloroform, extra dry, with molecular sieves (1 L)
$92.50USD / Each
Acros Organics AC404635000 Chloroform, reagent ACS, spectro grade (500 mL) EW-88341-97 Mfr # AC404635000
ACS Reagent or Spectrophotometric 500 Chloroform, Reagent ACS, spectro grade (500 mL)
$73.50USD / Each
Acros Organics AC610281000 Chloroform, stabilized with amylene, anhydrous, 99.9%, AcroSeal (100 mL) EW-88364-45 Mfr # AC610281000
Anhydrous 100 Chloroform, stabilized with amylene, anhydrous, 99.9%, AcroSeal (100 mL)
$47.75USD / Each
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