Additel Accessories for Vacuum/Pressure Controllers

Minimize microbial introduction to your facility
  • Popular tubing formulations and sizes available for quick shipment
We went through the gamma sterilization process to save you time

Protect your sensitive processes and products from accidental contamination while saving time! Gamma irradiated tubing helps you avoid costly delays that can be associated with outsourced gamma irradiation services. Tubing is double bagged prior to undergoing the gamma irradiation sterilization process, and all sealed tubing is gamma irradiated at 32.5 kGy to offer optimal microbial control in a critical fluid pathway. Tubing boxes include gamma radiation-sensitive labels to confirm treatment. Ideal for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processing, sensitive research, single-use systems, and more.

Available formulations include:
Platinum-Cured Silicone
PharMed BPT
C-Flex (001)
C-Flex (R70-082)

Other tubing sizes and formulations may be available; please contact Cole-Parmer for assistance.
$73.00USD / Each

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Additel 9245-780 Rack Mount Kit for 780 Series Pressure Controllers EW-16115-96 Mfr # 9245-780
Rack Mount Kit for 780 Series Pressure Controllers
$73.00USD / Each
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