Additel Pressure Hoses, Adapters, and Fittings

Convenient for fast and tool-free calibrations
Each component is precision machined so that leak-free connections can be made by hand—no tools or tape necessary!
$306.00 - $2,096.00USD / Each

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Additel ADT100-761-4N Hose Kit for ADT761 Automated Pressure Calibrator EW-16106-71 Mfr # ADT100-761A-N4
Hose Kit for ADT761 Automated Pressure Calibrator
$489.00USD / Each
Additel ADT106-N External Pressure Manifold; 1/4" NPT(F) Quick-Connects EW-16106-72 Mfr # ADT106A-N
External Pressure Manifold; 1/4\" NPT(F) Quick-Connects
$1,050.00USD / Each
Additel ADT103-NPT Adapters and Fittings, 1/4" NPT(M) 10 Pieces EW-16106-77 Mfr # ADT103-NPT
Adapters and Fittings, 1/4\" NPT(M) 10 Pieces
$2,096.00USD / Each
Additel ADT104-HP Adapter and Fitting, 1/4" NPT(M); 17 Pieces EW-16106-78 Mfr # ADT104-HP
Adapter and Fitting, 1/4\" NPT(M); 17 Pieces
$1,191.00USD / Each
Additel ADT100-HTK-NPTM4-NPTF Pressure Hose; 1/4"NPTM, 1/2"NPTF Quick-Connect EW-16108-21 Mfr # ADT100-HTK-15K-NPTM4-BSPF2Q
Pressure Hose; 1/4\"NPTM, 1/2\"NPTF Quick-Connect
$306.00USD / Each
Additel ADT100-HTK-NPTM4-NPTF4Q Pressure Hose; 1/4"NPTM, 1/4"NPTF Quick-Connect EW-16108-23 Mfr # ADT100-HTK-15K-NPTM4-BSPF4Q
Pressure Hose; 1/4\"NPTM, 1/4\"NPTF Quick-Connect
$306.00USD / Each
Additel ADT100-HTK-NPTM4-NPTF8Q Pressure Hose; 1/4"NPTM, 1/8"NPTF Quick-Connect EW-16108-24 Mfr # ADT100-HTK-15K-NPTM4-BSPF8Q
Pressure Hose; 1/4\"NPTM, 1/8\"NPTF Quick-Connect
$306.00USD / Each
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