Advantec Residual Chlorine Test Strips

Ideal for rapid check of residual chlorine levels in water samples
  • Detects chlorine as hypochlorus acid (HClO) or the hypochlorite ion (ClO-)
  • Chemically-treated paper strips change color and can be easily used in the lab or out in the field
These test strips are perfect for quickly estimating residual chlorine levels as hypochlorus acid (HClO) and hypochlorite ions (ClO-) in samples treated with sodium hypochlorite (NaClO). Easy to hold strips are 1/4" W x 1.5" L (7 x 40 mm) — simply dip a strip into your sample, wait 60 seconds, and compare the color change of the strip to the chart on the bottle.
$45.50USD / Pkg of 1

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Measurement Points Test
Availability Pricing
Advantec 08010010 Residual Chlorine Test Strips, 10 to 50 ppm; 300 Strips/Pk EW-59201-23 Mfr # 08010010
10 to 50 ppm Chlorine
$45.50USD / Pkg of 1
Advantec 08010020 Residual Chlorine Test Strips, 25 to 200 ppm; 300 Strips/Pk EW-59201-25 Mfr # 08010020
25 to 200 ppm Chlorine, residual
$45.50USD / Pkg of 1
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