AEMC PowerPad III 8333 Power Quality Analyzers

Provides measurements of TRMS voltages for single- or three-phase networks
  • Provides calculation of neutral current and voltage measurements
  • Records and displays trend data as fast as once per second for one month up to 29 variables
  • Captures up to 51 transient occurrences (65µs/sample) on all voltage and current inputs for easy identification of changes
  • Measures harmonics, referenced to the fundamental or RMS value, for voltage, current or power up to the 50th harmonic for added flexibility
  • Records, time stamps, and characterizes swells, sages and interruptions, exceedence of power and harmonic thresholds for easy interpretation of data
  • Measures energy VAh, VARh and Wh and reports quantities according to IEEE 1459 standards
More details of the PowerPad® III Power AnalyzersThe PowerPad® III 8333 series are compact, easy-to-use, shock resistant three-phase power quality analyzers that allow technicians and engineers to measure and diagnose power quality work on single- or three-phase networks. These power analyzers are designed for verifying power distribution circuits, in-plant troubleshooting of power distribution panels and individual machinery, monitoring pad mount transformers and phase unbalances, determining harmonic problems originating from source or load and more. Units include three current and four voltage input terminals and meet IEC 61000-4-30 Class B standards and are safety rated to 600V CAT IV.

These analyzers allow you to record trend data for days, weeks, or months, and include 2 GB of memory for storing trend data for added flexibility. Units also provide the ability to store up to twelve screen snapshots, up to 51 captured transients, that contain four cycles for each active input, and 4000 alarm events from up to ten different parameters. The intuitive, menu-driven interface is easy to navigate making set up and operation simple, and the included DataView® software quickly and easily configures real-time displays and generates reports for further in-depth analysis.
$3,650.00 - $4,450.00USD / Each

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Max AC Current (amps) Max AC Voltage (Voltage)
Availability Pricing
AEMC 2136.10 Power Quality Analyzer EW-20048-71 Mfr # 2136.1
10000 2000
$3,650.00USD / Each
AEMC 2136.11 Power Quality Analyzer w/3 193-24-BK flex sensors (6500A) EW-20048-72 Mfr # 2136.11
10000 2000
$4,450.00USD / Each
AEMC 2136.12 Power Quality Analyzer w/3 MN193-BK Probes (5/100A) EW-20048-73 Mfr # 2136.12
10000 2000
$4,425.00USD / Each
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