Arcis Sample Prep Kit

Fast and convenient sample prep in minutes
  • Protocol requires only 2 steps and takes less than 3 minutes
  • Compatible with a wide variety of downstream applications
  • No heating or centrifugation steps required
  • Stabilises DNA for up to 30 days at ambient temperatures
Arcis DNA Prep Kit is a fast and convenient sample preparation kit allowing rapid amplification of
genomic DNA from a variety of samples. The complete, ready-to-use system enables you to go from a sample to amplifiable nucleic acids in under 3 minutes without prior sample preparation or the need for
additional isolation or purification.

The sample is prepared and stabilized without need for heating or centrifugation steps, it's a simple 2-step tube protocol. The kit is suitable for use in PCR and qPCR reactions using standard and fast cycling protocols.
The product can be used on virtually any DNA containing sample. The nucleic acid released has been successfully applied to molecular biology techniques including PCR, sequencing and cloning.
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Number of Tests Included Test Type Description
Availability Pricing
Arcis Sample Prep Kit, 50 reactions EW-13204-52 Mfr # UFL002B
50 DNA Sample Prep Kit, 50 rxn
$537.00USD / Each
Arcis TRIAL Sample Prep Kit, 3 x 12 reactions EW-13204-53 Mfr # UFL002BD
36 DNA DEMO Sample Prep Kit, 3x12rxn
$288.00USD / Each
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