Argos Technologies® Interchangeable Inserts for Modular Pipetting Workstation

  • Interchangeable, inserts can also be used as stand-alone racks
Color-coded polypropylene inserts accept tubes with sizes ranging from 0.5 to 50 mL. Easy-release tabs allow you to quickly change out the inserts to customize the rack to your applications. Each tube cavity is numbered for quick identification. Use the pipetting basin insert to hold up to 25 mL of reagent or solution.
$11.80 - $30.00USD / Pkg of 5

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Color Tubes Held Description
Availability Pricing
Red 12 Pipetting Work Station Inserts, 12x0.5mL, Red;5/Pk
$30.00USD / Pkg of 5
Purple 12 Pipetting Work Station Inserts, 12x1.5mL, Purple; 5/Pk
$14.00USD / Pkg of 5
Green 7 Pipetting Work Station Inserts, 7x5mL, Green; 5/Pk
$11.80USD / Pkg of 5
Orange 3 Pipetting Work Station Inserts, 3x50mL, Orange; 5/Pk
$13.00USD / Pkg of 5
Yellow 36 Pipetting Work Station Inserts, 36xPCR, Yellow; 5/Pk
$11.80USD / Pkg of 5
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