Argos Technologies Nova® Microcinerator Loop and Needle Sterilizer

Reduce hand fatigue with easy-tilt burner head
  • Sterilize reusable loops, streakers, and needles without an open flame
  • Decontaminate platinum and nichrome wire inoculation instruments in 5 to 7 seconds
  • Sanitize safely—no gases, flames, or infectious spatter to worry about
  • Use as a slide warmer—optional adapter holds up to three slides while still allowing access to disinfect instruments
The miniature incinerator warms up in 10 minutes and can be left on for long periods of time—perfect for a busy microbiology lab. Tilt the head to a position most comfortable for your application and use. Simply insert your inoculating instrument into the element half way, and hold it there for 5 to 7 seconds. No need to wait until the metal is glowing.
Base has small holes for holding your loops, streakers, and needles while not in use. Add the optional slide holder and warm up to three slides to help dry your cultures, or the optional loop rest to guide your instrument into the optimal sterilizing position and protect the handle from overheating. Slide warmer and loop rest may be used simultaneously.
$402.50 - $415.60USD / Each

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Power (VAC) Description
Availability Pricing
120 Microcinerator, Loop and Needle Sterilizer; 120 VAC
$415.60USD / Each
220 Microcinerator, Loop and Needle Sterilizer; 220 VAC
$402.50USD / Each
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