Argos Technologies® PolarSafe® Aluminum CryoCanes Cryogenic Storage Canes

Offer convenient storage and retrieval of vials in cryogenic storage dewars
  • Constructed of durable yet light-weight aluminum
  • Designed to hold 5 cryogenic vials per cane
These aluminum storage canes are designed to store cryogenic vials in Dewars or liquid nitrogen tanks. These canes will accommodate most cryogenic vials in 1.0-, 1.2-, 1.5-, 1.8-, and 2.0-mL sizes. The cane without vial platform can also accommodate 5.0 mL vials. Choose from two styles, without or without vial platforms. Each can accommodate 5 vials.
The clear plastic sleeve keeps your vials in place while being stored on the cane.
$30.00 - $83.00USD / Pkg of 12

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Capacity Tubes Held Description
Availability Pricing
5 Cryogenic Vials 5 Aluminum CyroCane, with Platforms, 5 Vials; 12/PK
$30.00USD / Pkg of 12
5 Cryogenic Vials 5 Aluminum CyroCane, without Platforms, 5 Vials; 12/PK
$30.00USD / Pkg of 12
1 Aluminum CyroCane 5 Sleeves for CryoCanes, Clear Plastic; 100/PK
$83.00USD / Pkg of 100
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