Atago Programmable Digital Refractometers with Touch Screen

Large 7-1⁄2" (19.1 cm), color LCD touch screen for easy viewing and programming
  • Built-in thermomodule ensures precision accuracy and eliminates the need for a water bath circulator
  • Newly added features including USB flash drive and self-diagnostics
Process control and quality assurance has never been made easier with these programmable automatic refractometers! Refractive index, Brix, and percent concentration can be all measured with precision accuracy. These units are ideal for use in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic industries. Determine the refractive index of citrus, animal or vegetable oils, methylene chloride, polymers, and chemicals with the refractive index range. Take precise Brix measurements of fruit and concentrated juices, canned syrups, liquid sugars and glucose with a Brix range of 0.00 to 100.00%.
Measure your sample directly after it reaches the set target temperature in mode 1. Select mode 2 for measuring the refractive index and temperature at a fixed interval, displaying the estimated value at the set target temperature. Select mode 3 to display measurements once a level of sample stability is achieved—ideal for emulsions. In mode 4, measurements start immediately after the sample is placed on the prism and the start key is pressed—measurement start time can be manually delayed after pressing the start key.
These units features built-in Peltier temperature control that eliminates the need for a water bath circulator. Program up to 100 different user scales. The LCD touch screen provides mode, date, time, measurement, and ambient and target temperature readings. Extended memory capability allows you to display the last 500 measurements. The rugged stainless steel sample well makes cleanup easy. Print out measurement data or download information directly to your PC with USB/RS-232 output capabilities.
$11,979.00USD / Each

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Accuracy Refractive Index Interval Resolution
Availability Pricing
Atago RX-5000i Programmable Digital Refractometer; Touch Screen, 0.03% Accuracy EW-81100-38 Mfr # 3276 RX-5000i
±0.03% (Brix); ±0.00004 (nD) 0.001% (Brix); 0.00001 (nD)
$11,979.00USD / Each
$13,310.00USD / Each
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