B&K Precision 9200 Series Multi-Range Programmable DC Power Supplies

One multi-range unit can replace multiple supplies on your bench
  • Internal memory allows you to store and recall up to 72 instrument settings
  • Interfaces include USB (USBTMC-compliant), RS-232, and GPIB to support SCPI remote control commands
  • Built-in digital voltmeter (DVM) and over voltage, power, and temperature protection
  • Compact 19" (48 cm) half-rack size lets you rack mount units side-by-side
The 9200 series power supplies automatically recalculate voltage and current limits for each setting to provide the maximum power in any voltage/amperage combination within its rated range. Unlike traditional supplies with rectangular outputs, this series offers greater flexibility by extending the operating area through a curved power output. For example, model 9206 can operate at 150 V/4 A, 60 V/10 A, or any other point on its 600 W maximum power curve. The expanded ranges allow you to replace multiple conventional power supplies with a single 9200 series unit—chose the model that suits your needs!
The numerical keyboard lets you easily store and recall up to 72 instrument settings from the internal memory. Units may also be controlled remotely through USB, RS-232, or GPIB interfaces. The included software driver provides front-panel emulation so you can easily log data without source code and create, execute, and test sequences. Sequences may also be stored internally for a total of 10 list files, each file containing up to 150 steps, and each step being composed of voltage, current, and duration. Files may be selected to run once or repeated multiple cycles.
The built-in DVM is capable of measuring up to 60 VDC and includes an output timer function, which may be adjusted to output for 0.1 to 99999.9 seconds. Additional features include key-lock function, remote sense, and a thermostatically controlled fan to keep the supply running smoothly.
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Output Current Output Voltage Ripple and Noise
Availability Pricing
B&K Precision 9205 Programmable DC Power Supply, 60 V, 25A, 600W EW-20048-85 Mfr # 9205
0 to 25 A 0 to 60 VDC ≤ 20 mVrms; ≤ 15 mArms
$1,610.00USD / Each
B&K Precision 9206 Programmable DC Power Supply, 150 V, 10A, 600W EW-20048-86 Mfr # 9206
0 to 10 A 0 to 150 VDC ≤ 850 mVrms; ≤ 15 mArms
$1,991.50USD / Each
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