BRAND® Transferpettor™ Positive Displacement Pipettes

Positive displacement for accurate pipetting of dense, volatile, viscous or foaming liquids
  • Ideal for many liquids unsuitable for air displacement pipettes
  • Four sizes cover the range from 100 µL to 10 mL
  • 1 year warranty
These pipettes use the positive displacement principle, eliminating the variability that can happen when using an air displacement pipette with 'difficult' liquids. Tightly fitting polyethylene plungers expel virtually all liquid for minimal carry over. A simple lever locks the volume setting and minimizes volume drift over long pipetting sessions.
$445.00USD / Each

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Max Volume (mL) Min Volume (mL)
Availability Pricing
BRAND Transferpettor 2702904 Positive Displacement Pipettors, 100-500 µL EW-24550-70 Mfr # 702804
0.5 0.1
$445.00USD / Each
BRAND 2702906 Positive Displacement Pipettor, 200-1000 µL EW-24550-71 Mfr # 702806
1 0.2
$445.00USD / Each
BRAND Transferpettor 2702910 Positive Displacement Pipettor, 1-5 mL EW-24550-72 Mfr # 702810
5 1
$445.00USD / Each
BRAND Transferpettor 2702912 Positive Displacement Pipettor, 2-10 mL EW-24550-73 Mfr # 702812
10 2
$445.00USD / Each
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