Cole-Parmer 130-Watt Ultrasonic Processors

Ultrasonic processing for low volume applications—150 µL to 150 mL
  • Full function pulse and timer (on models 04714-50 and -51)
  • Thumb actuated pulser (on models 04714-52 and -53)
  • 100% microprocessor controlled
Processors are microprocessor controlled and feature automatic tuning to eliminate the need for constant adjustment. The digital wattmeter displays the amount of power delivered to the probe. The variable power output control allows the ultrasonic vibrations at the probe tip to be set to any desired amplitude.

Models 04714-50 and -51 feature a timer that controls the processing time from one second to 10 hours and a pulser to enable safe treatment of temperature-sensitive samples of high intensity.

Model's 04714-52 and -53 handpiece incorporates a pulsing button. The units can be run continuously or in the pulse mode when the button is depressed.
$4,025.00 - $4,260.00USD / Each

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Max Sample Size (mL) Min Sample Size (mL) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
150 0.15 115
$4,260.00USD / Each
150 0.15 220
$4,095.00USD / Each
150 0.15 115
$4,130.00USD / Each
150 0.15 220
$4,025.00USD / Each
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