Cole-Parmer® AC-400 Series Research Autoclaves

Compact design fits the most crowded benchtop
  • Space-saving design features large sterilization chamber
  • Fully automatic – just press “start”
  • Built-in water tank – no external connection needed
  • Large LCD controls
These Cole-Parmer autoclaves are perfect for sterilizing your laboratory fluids, media, instruments, and glassware right on your benchtop. The design is compact yet still features a large stainless steel sterilization chamber and built-in water tank. A safety interlock feature prevents the door from being opened until pressure has reached 0 psi.

Fully automatic operation allows all segments of the cycle (fill, sterilize, exhaust, and try) to start and run by simply pressing the “start” button. The large LCD allows you to monitor conditions while the cycle is in process.

Preprogrammed temperatures (121°C, 134°C) and preset cycles let you easily meet your sterilization needs. The sterilization time is fully adjustable, plus an additional “Dry Only” option is available to add additional drying time at the end of a cycle.

A USB drive can be used to document parameters and transfer them to a computer. An optional thermal mini printer is available to record the parameters for unattended usage.
$5,045.00 - $12,930.00USD / Each

6 variations of this product are available.

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Chamber Capacity (Liters) Chamber Capacity (Qt) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
8 8.45 115
$5,045.00USD / Each
8 8.45 230
$5,045.00USD / Each
28 29.6 208 / 240
$12,930.00USD / Each
28 29.6 120
$12,930.00USD / Each
18 19 120
$6,975.00USD / Each
18 19 220
$6,975.00USD / Each
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