Cole-Parmer® Advanced High-Power Heated Digital Ultrasonic Cleaners

Handle both tough and gentle applications with these dual-frequency cleaning baths
  • Operate at 37 kHz for difficult applications and 80 kHz for sensitive and small items
  • Easily preselect run time and temperature with rotary dials
  • Degas HPLC samples and solvents
  • Obtain uniform sound waves and cleaning from the sweep function
  • Activate the pulse function for 20% increase in ultrasonic power and soil removal
  • Convenient digital display of set and operating parameters
The digital series of ultrasonic cleaners come in six different sizes and feature seven convenient operating modes. Normal mode is great for mixing, dissolving, and dispersing samples. Pulse-function increases power 20% for ultra-efficient cleaning—ideal for tough-to-remove pastes and soils. Activate the sweep function to ensure uniform sound and power throughout the entire bath. Degas mode is perfect for quickly removing air from HPLC samples and solvents. The dual-selection power control lets you choose 37 kHz operation for standard and industrial applications, or 80 kHz for smaller or more delicate cleaning needs. The pause function allows for temporary operation interruption, and auto-start mode will begin operation once the preselected temperature is reached.

Select heating temperature from 30 to 80°C, in 5° increments, with a rotary dial. Choose a maximum temperature for sensitive items and instruments—LED light illuminates if reached. Set to operate continuously or in timed runs, from 1 to 30 minutes, also selected with a dial. Safety features include auto-shutoff if running for 12 hours continuously or if bath temperature exceeds 90°C, and a sealed display and elevated feet to protect against splashes and spills.
$1,285.00 - $4,491.00USD / Each

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Capacity (Gal) Frequency Output (KHz) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
0.75 37 or 80 120
$1,285.00USD / Each
1.5 37 or 80 120
$1,770.00USD / Each
2 37 or 80 120
$1,887.00USD / Each
3.5 37 or 80 220
$3,116.00USD / Each
4.75 37 or 80 120
$3,988.00USD / Each
7.5 37 or 80 120
$4,491.00USD / Each
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