Cole-Parmer® Bioreactor Flasks, Dual Membrane, CELLine™

Cell culture bioreactor flasks ideal for monoclonal antibodies and expressed recombinant cellular protein production
  • Generates more highly concentrated supernatants than roller bottles or tissue culture flasks with the same cell type
  • Low-cost bioreactor for the production of expressed biomolecules
  • Reduces waste - replaces between 10 to 20 normal culture flasks
  • Culture cells for longer - nutrients not depleted
  • Saves incubator space
  • Gamma irradiation sterilized and pressure tested
These bioreactor flasks are viable in vitro alternatives to using mouse ascites, standard cell culture, or tissue culture products. Bioreactors utilize innovative membrane technology to separate the cell cultivation area from the media chamber. Cells and cellular-secreted products with a MWCO over 10kD are retained between two non-cytotoxic membranes. The upper semi-permeable membrane allows continuous nutrient diffusion and waste elimination. The lower membrane provides direct oxygenation and ensures optimum gas exchange. Separate ports give access to either media or cell cultivation chamber allowing easy change of expended medium without interference of cell growth, function, or gas exchange.
$990.00 - $1,246.00USD / Case of 3

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Capacity (mL) Sterile Description
Availability Pricing
1000 Yes Bioreactor Flask for CL1000 Suspension Cells, Dual Membrane, 1000 mL (33.8 oz), 3 Pk
$990.00USD / Case of 3
350 Yes Bioreactor Flask for CL350 Suspension Cells, Dual Membrane, 350 mL (11.8 oz), 5 Pk
$1,246.00USD / Case of 5
1000 Yes Adhere Bioreactor Flask for Adherent Cells, Dual Membrane, 1000 mL (33.8 oz), 3 Pk
$1,096.00USD / Case of 3
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