Cole-Parmer® CC-200 Series Stuart Digital Colony Counters

Versatile unit can be used with 50- to 90-mm Petri dishes
  • Compatible with felt tip markers for pressure-sensitive counting
  • Read individual plates or calculate an average over multiple plates
  • Energy-saving bright-white, LED light source
  • Antimicrobial coating provides additional protection
  • Audible count confirmation, adjustable pressure sensitivity, and option for light/dark background increases flexibility
  • Connects to a printer or computer to record individual or average plate counts
This colony counter registers a count each time you press a felt tip marker to the Petri dish. Cumulative count may be read on the digital display and is confirmed by an audible tone (can be turned on or off). Adjust the pressure required to measure a count — suitable to each user.

Sub-stage illumination is provided by energy-saving, bright LEDs for glare-free observation. Enhance counting of translucent or difficult-to-see colonies with the supplied black background filter. Calculate the average colony count over multiple plates using the averaging facility. Count results and statistics, including standard deviation, can be sent directly to a printer or computer using the supplied USB cable. Order the 1.7x and 3x magnification adapters separately for easier viewing of small colonies.
$893.00 - $1,670.00USD / Each

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Colony Counter Type Power (VAC) Width (in)
Availability Pricing
Digital Colony counter 90 to 230 12 13/64
$893.00USD / Each
Digital Colony counter with IQ/OQ Documents 90 to 230 12 13/64
$1,670.00USD / Each
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