Cole-Parmer Dual Vertical Mini-Gel Systems

Customize your own gel system depending on your needs and budget!
Mini Dual Gel Units. Small format is ideal for mini SDS-PAGE and mini agarose gel separations, plus it reduces the use of expensive reagents. These dual units let you run two agarose or polyacrylamide gels simultaneously under identical conditions; also compatible with most precast gels. The built-in cooling system ensures fast run times and flat, even banding patterns. Chamber gasket and clamps create a positive, leakproof seal.

Required System Components:
1) Gel Unit (order power supply separately)

For the Gel Wrap™ Gasket gel casting method, you will need:
2) Glass plate set(s)
3) Casting clamps (three per plate set for mini units)

Order the same thickness of:
4) GelWrap gasket (one per plate set)
5) Spacer set (one per plate set)
6) Combs (one per plate set)
$560.25 - $562.50USD / Each

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Buffer Solution Required (mL) Glass Height (cm) Glass Width (cm)
Availability Pricing
250 10 11.3
$562.50USD / Each
250 8 10
$560.25USD / Each
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