Cole-Parmer DURAC® Triple Scale Beer and Wine Hydrometers

Monitor your fermentation process from start to finish
  • Easy-to-read scales
  • Lead and mercury free
  • Calculate approximate alcohol content of finished product
  • Meets or exceeds the tolerances of accuracy set forth by the NIST Circular 55
Use the triple-scale beer and wine hydrometers to measure specific gravity, potential alcohol by volume (PAV), and Brix to achieve perfect beer brewing and wine making results every time. The hydrometers offer valuable data points to help you monitor the fermentation process and determine when fermentation is complete.
All scales are meant to be read with liquids at 68°F (20°C). A conversion chart is included to adjust for varying temperatures.
$10.79 - $54.74USD / Each

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Triple Scale Beer and Wine Hydrometer, Polycarbonate
$54.74USD / Each
$64.40USD / Each
Triple Scale Beer and Wine Hydrometer, Shatterproof Plastic
$26.69USD / Each
$31.40USD / Each
Triple Scale Beer and Wine Hydrometer, Glass
$10.79USD / Each
$12.70USD / Each
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