Cole-Parmer® E-Vac Aspiration System

Self-contained aspiration system—vacuum pump built into the base!
  • Keep clean—all components are autoclavable except the vacuum base
  • Protect your vacuum pump—included filter prevents liquid aspiration into the pump
  • Minimize down-time when collection bottle is full—additional bottles available
  • Be safe—plastic bottles won't shatter if dropped
  • Choose from model with a hose barb couplings cap or models with quick-release couplings cap and a collection bottle level sensor
The E-Vac aspiration system is designed to collect critical or dangerous liquids. Waste is collected in the bottle through vacuum, and pressure-sensitive button controls the right amount of vacuum for your application. All parts, except the stainless steel base containing the pump, are fully autoclavable. Two hydrophobic filters help prevent liquids from getting into the pump and pump housing in the event of an overflow.

The HandE-Vac hand operator, included with both systems options, is designed to fit the E-Vac systems or any vacuum device currently available on the market. Set vacuum by manual adjustment of the aperture control button. Ergonomic design allows for fatigue-free aspiration. The hand operator can also be used with Pasteur pipettes or multi-well plates and dishes, additional adapters required and sold separately.

Full bottles can be swapped out and autoclaved with minimum of effort and new bottles replaced within seconds. All parts, except the stainless steel base containing the pump, are fully autoclavable.
$2,100.00 - $2,890.00USD / Each

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Aspirating System with Quick-Release Couplings Cap, 4 L
$2,890.00USD / Each
Aspirating System with Hose-Barb Cap, 4 L
$2,100.00USD / Each
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