Cole-Parmer® Essentials Automatic Self-Zeroing, Self-Supporting Burettes (Burets)

Prevent contamination from outside elements
  • Quickly repeat titration by presetting drop speed with screw clamp
  • Easy-to-read burette (buret) with blue graduations
These burettes (burets) prevent contamination of media by outside elements. Feature easy-to-read blue graduations against white background. Flexible vinyl fill tube connects burette top with vinyl bottle stopper and extends into bottle. Operate the unique push-button stopcock using thumb pressure for drop-by-drop delivery. Small screw clamp lets you preset drop speed for repeat titration.
$119.00 - $139.00USD / Each

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Capacity (mL) Graduation Interval (mL) Description
Availability Pricing
15 0.1 Automatic Self-Zeroing and Supporting Burette, 15 mL; 1/Pk
$119.00USD / Each
25 0.1 Automatic Self-Zeroing and Supporting Burette, 25 mL; 1/Pk
$129.00USD / Each
50 0.1 Automatic Self-Zeroing and Supporting Burette, 50 mL; 1/Pk
$139.00USD / Each
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