Cole-Parmer® Essentials Cell Strainers, Sterile, DNase and RNase Free

Secure single-cell suspensions and remove debris
  • Pair directly with your 50-mL centrifuge tubes
  • Color-coded frames help differentiate sizes
  • Extended tab makes handling easy
  • Individually packaged and gamma sterilized
  • DNase-& RNase-free
  • Non-pyrogenic
These Cole-Parmer® Essentials cell strainers are sterile, DNase- and RNase free, and non-pyrogenic, ideal for protecting your valuable flow cytometry and cell sorting instrumentation. Cell strainers are easy-to-use devices for isolating primary cells to consistently obtain a uniform single-cell suspension from tissues. Reliably remove clumps and debris from cell suspensions and clinical samples prior to analysis. Simply put cell strainer directly on 50 mL centrifuge tube for easy, immediate filtration.

Cell strainers are constructed from a strong nylon mesh with evenly spaced mesh pores and a durable polypropylene frame. Color-coded frames made for quick identification of different pore sizes. The extended lip on the strainer enables aseptic handling with forceps.
$80.80 - $84.00USD / Case of 50

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Color Membrane Material Pore Size (micron)
Availability Pricing
Blue Nylon 40
$80.80USD / Case of 50
$101.00USD / Case of 50
White Nylon 70
$84.00USD / Case of 50
$105.00USD / Case of 50
Yellow Nylon 100
$82.00USD / Case of 50
$102.50USD / Case of 50
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