Cole-Parmer® Essentials Glass Measuring (Mohr) Pipettes

Standard tip provides fast, uniform fluid delivery
  • Calibrated "To Deliver" (TD)
  • Sold in cases of 12
  • Reference: Federal Specification NNN-P-350C, Style I-Standard Taper; ASTM E 1293-94
Reusable Mohr measuring pipettes are calibrated “to deliver” to baseline. A “to deliver” pipette must be held vertically with the tip against the side of the receiving vessel and allowed to drain completely. The stated volume is obtained when draining stops. All pipettes are constructed of borosilicate glass, have permanent amber markings, and are treated to reduce chipping. Accuracy is printed on each pipette. Fast, uniform flow times.
$175.00 - $206.00USD / Pkg of 12

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Accuracy (%) Max Volume (µL) Tip Style
Availability Pricing
±0.040mL 5000 Standard
$175.00USD / Pkg of 12
±0.060mL 10000 Standard
$206.00USD / Pkg of 12
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