Cole-Parmer® Essentials Omega Zen™ Pipette Controller Accessories

Enhance and maintain your Omega Zen pipettors with these accessories
  • Compatible with Omega Zen pipette controllers
  • Choose from a wide range of accessories to make your pipettor even more versatile
These accessories can be used to enhance the flexibility of your Omega Zen controller, or be used for routine maintenance. There are four filter options to choose from. All are made of a polypropylene housing with a hydrophobic PTFE membrane. The Omega Zen controllers accept either the 0.2 µm or the 0.45 µm pore size filters.
Power your Omega Zen controller with the rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 9 hours of continuous use and charge the battery with the universal power supply.
The nosepiece and silicone pipette adapter are both autoclavable for optional sterility.
$17.80 - $66.00USD / Each

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Body Material Description
Availability Pricing
Plastic Pipettor Battery Charging Desk Stand
$55.00USD / Each
Plastic Pipettor Standard Wall-Mount
$25.00USD / Each
Plastic Pipettor Margnetic Wall-Mount
$40.00USD / Each
Hydrophobic PTFE Filters, 0.2 µm, Sterile; 10/pk
$60.00USD / Pkg of 10
Hydrophobic PTFE Filters, 0.2 µm, Non-sterile; 10/pk
$45.00USD / Pkg of 10
Hydrophobic PTFE Filters, 0.45 µm, Sterile; 10/pk
$66.00USD / Pkg of 10
Hydrophobic PTFE Replacement Filters, 0.45 µm, Non-sterile; 10/pk
$45.00USD / Pkg of 10
Replacement Power Supply
$45.00USD / Each
Replacement Battery; Lithium-Ion
$40.00USD / Each
UV-resistant plastic Replacement Nosepiece
$30.00USD / Each
Silicone Replacement Silicone Pipette Adapter
$17.80USD / Each
Power Supply for As One; Japan
$45.40USD / Each
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