Cole-Parmer® Essentials Sterile Graduated Pipette Tips, Reloading Stacks

Tips free of human touch is purity at its best
  • Tip Options: Standard or low retention, sterile, filter and combinations Specially developed PE filters free of chemical additives stops aerosols and contaminations Low retention tips free of any softening agents that could influence results of samples Tips also leach-free, ensuring maximum recovery of sample yield Volume measurements, along the tube are marked in increments for easy identification Produced from Swiss-made Diamond Finish Mold Made of FDA approved special medical grade virgin polypropylene plastic with high transparency Unique label coding in packaging for easy identification
Not your everyday graduated pipette tips. It starts with a touch-free manufacturing facility and stringent quality control process to make these clear, plastic tips certified free of any affecting biological elements, such as human DNA, DNase and RNase and Endotoxin, or Pyrogen and PCR inhibitors. They also are noncytotoxic.

It’s about their innovative design, too. The profile and dimensions of the tips are engineered to accurately measure and transfer a volume of liquid from one container to another, as well as adapt to a wide-range of pipettes.

It ends with preserving their purity in the following packaging options, which are free of lubricants and heavy metals.

Reloading Stack: Tips prearranged in racks that are in a storing container. A variety of sizes is offered.
Reload Stack for Filter Tips: Supplied in a sterile, sealed and eco-friendly package free of DNase, RNase, and Pyrogen. Several options for the number of tips in each pack are offered.
$40.00 - $74.50USD / Pkg of 480

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Filter Type Max Volume (µL) Tip Style
Availability Pricing
None 1000 Standard, 8.35 cm L
$40.00USD / Pkg of 480
Polyethylene (PE) 1000 Low Retention, 8.35 cm L
$74.50USD / Pkg of 480
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