Cole-Parmer® Essentials Sterile Serological Pipettes, Polystyrene (PS), Bulk Wrapped

Uniform mouth piece is compatible with most common pipettors
  • Legible permanent graduations
  • Filter plug eliminates lint fibers
  • Uniform mouthpiece fits all major pipettors
  • Color-coded TD rings make identification easy
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation
These serological pipettes are made from transparent biocompatible polystyrene (PS), sterilized by gamma irradiation, and designed for quick and accurate fluid dispensing. The highly legible permanent graduations prevent ambiguity and guarantee precise dispensing to ±2%. Graduations show volume removed or remaining on all pipettes larger than 1 mL. Generous negative graduations provide additional pipetting volume.

Unique filter plug eliminates lint fibers and ensures plug stays in place to prevent overfilling. The uniform mouth piece fits all major pipettors and has color-coded TD rings for easy identification. Each lot is tested for endotoxins and cytotoxicity, and guaranteed nonhemolytic—ideal for your tissue culture applications.

The bulk wrapped pipettes are supplied in a fiber-free paper/plastic combination that is easy to open. The dispenser box allows you to remove pipettes without opening the top. Universal stacking design requires less laboratory space and each box is color-coded for quick recognition.
$151.00 - $272.00USD / Case of 1000

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Increments (mL) Max Volume (mL) Tip Style
Availability Pricing
0.01 1 Standard
$202.00USD / Case of 1000
0.1 1 Standard
$202.00USD / Case of 1000
0.01 2 Standard
$272.00USD / Case of 1000
0.1 5 Standard
$183.00USD / Case of 500
0.1 10 Standard
$158.00USD / Case of 400
0.1 10 Wide
$158.00USD / Case of 400
0.2 25 Standard
$151.00USD / Case of 150
0.5 50 Standard
$250.00USD / Case of 100
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