Cole-Parmer Evaporator/Concentrators

Indivdual needles provide equal flow of gas for faster, consistent evaporation of samples
  • Economical and reliable evaporation in a compact instrument
  • Models available to accommodate different-sized tubes and microwell plates
Rapidly evaporate common organic solvents—ideal for pharmaceutical, environmental, HPLC, GCMS, and general research applications. Needle valve controls the flow of gas into the equalizer manifold, which provides equal gas flow and uniform evaporation to each well. Needle valves ensure control for fast concentration of multiple samples. Each needle is made from 15-gauge stainless steel with easy height adjustment to accommodate a variety of sample sizes.
$1,655.00 - $5,215.00USD / Each

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Availability Pricing
8 Heated Evaporator/Concentrator; single block, 8 EPA Vials
$2,805.00USD / Each
20 Heated Evaporator/Concentrator; single block, 20 test tubes; 15- to 16-mm dia
$3,410.00USD / Each
24 Heated Evaporator/Concentrator; single block, 24 test tubes; 12-mm dia
$3,990.00USD / Each
24 Evaporator/Concentrator, Heated Manifold Gas, 12mm tubes; 120V
$5,150.00USD / Each
96 Heated Evaporator/Concentrator; single block for 96-well plates
$3,535.00USD / Each
96 Evaporator/Concentrator, Heated Manifold Gas, 96-Well Plate; 120V
$5,215.00USD / Each
96 Evaporator/Concentrator for 96-well Plates; stand-alone (non-heated)
$1,655.00USD / Each
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