Cole-Parmer® FlexiRoll Digital Tube/Bottle Roller Shaker

Use with a variety of bottles, tubes, and flasks
  • Mix your tubes and bottles with minimal aeration
  • Double your capacity and save precious lab space by stacking two units
This compact digital roller shaker can be used with variety of bottles, tubes, and flasks. Safely operate on a benchtop or in an incubator from 4 to 60°C, and up to 95% humidity. Digitally set the rotation rate from 0.5 to 80 rpm.

Rollers may be added and removed for additional versatility to accept a wider range of bottle and tube sizes. If using on centrifuge and test tubes, O-rings are required for placement around the sample tubes to assure safe mixing. Stack up to two rollers to double your capacity and save bench space. Order the optional remote controller to also obtain timed run functionality.

Ideal for growth and culturing of adherent cells, suspension cells, mixing test tubes, washing nucleic acid blots, or performing hybridization protocols. In Western, Southern, and Northern blotting applications, use as an alternative to the more expensive rotisserie style hybridization ovens. Purchase five additional rollers the FlexiRoll can rotate 20 to 15 and 50 mL tubes at one time, ensuring a complete and uniform mixing of the reagents with the filter paper.

There are two different rack options available. The standard roller rods rotate 360° while keeping the bottle or tube level with the bench. The rocker rods gently rock the samples up and down while rotating 360° at the same time.
$2,475.00 - $2,690.00USD / Each

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Digital Tube Roller Shaker; 120 VAC
$2,475.00USD / Each
Digital Tube Roller Shaker; 220 VAC
$2,475.00USD / Each
FlexiRoll Digital Tube Rocker and Roller Shaker; 120 VAC
$2,690.00USD / Each
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