Cole-Parmer® KX Microwave Vials

Decrease reaction times in organic synthesis
  • Resealable silicone/PTFE septa allow multiple reagent additions and reaction monitoring
  • Manufactured from contamination-free Type I borosilicate glass—will not taint mixtures
Use these reaction vials in the microwave to speed up the reaction time in organic synthesis, especially when using palladium (Pd), platinum (Pt), or other metal catalysts. These vials allow the reactions to be performed at temperatures above the boiling point of the solvents used. Heavy-walled glass is highly resistant to both chemicals and thermal shock. Order stirrer bars to use with vials to achieve a homogeneous mixture, ensuring reactions are completed in the minimum time.
$148.00 - $306.00USD / Pkg of 100

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$306.00USD / Pkg of 100
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