Cole-Parmer MP Series Multipurpose Centrifuges

Rugged construction without sacrificing reliable performance
  • Extra-thick stainless steel chamber and zinc-coated alloy and steel frame increase durability for inorganic separations requiring strong solvents
  • Industrial-grade inverter drive (VFD) and brushless motor provide a long service life
  • User-accessible service sections allow on-site maintenance
  • Programmable memory quickly administers routine tests and accommodates multiple users
  • Pulse feature lets you perform very short runs to 90 seconds, perfect for fast pelleting
This Cole-Parmer multipurpose (MP) series of benchtop centrifuges features advanced safety elements, including lid with multipoint lock and gas struts, emergency lid release during power failure, and barrier ring to protect the chamber. Multiple sensors prevent damage to centrifuge in case of misuse or malfunction: lid lock detector ensures lid is secure before running, imbalance detector guarantees samples are loaded correctly, and overspeed and motor overheating sensors warn of mechanical or electronic failures.
$2,196.00 - $9,645.00USD / Each

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Max Capacity (mL) Max Speed (rpm) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
3000 15000 110
$9,645.00USD / Each
3000 15000 230
$9,492.00USD / Each
1000 15000 110
$6,916.00USD / Each
1000 15000 230
$6,128.00USD / Each
1000 6000 110
$3,964.00USD / Each
1000 6000 230
$3,825.00USD / Each
300 6000 110
$2,453.50USD / Each
300 6000 230
$2,196.00USD / Each
400 15000 110
$4,313.50USD / Each
400 15000 230
$4,053.50USD / Each
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