Cole-Parmer® Polystat® Low-Temperature Immersion Probe Chillers

Efficiently cool down liquids used in laboratory, scientific and industrial processes
  • Ideal for freeze drying, rapid fluid cooling and trapping applications
  • Chillers run at maximum cooling to aid your productivity
  • Choose from three probe types
Providing a cost-effective alternative to dry ice or liquid nitrogen, these immersion probe chillers offer continuous cooling to temperatures as low as -100°C. Digital display indicates unit is on and operating, and shows temperature in degrees C. A warning display advises when the external temperature sensor is not functioning properly.

Available in 3 configurations:

3" Rigid Coil Finger Probe - The immersion probe is an inflexible metal rod (i.e. "finger") nearly 3/4" inch in diameter, which extends 3-3/4" beyond the tube. Excellent for trapping applications, freeze drying and rapidly cooling small volumes of liquids.

1-3/4" Rigid Coil Probe - At the end of the probe is a 7" long rigid coil that is 1-3/4" in diameter. A straight tube leads into the probe, as with the 3" Rigid Coil Finger model.

1-3/4" Hangable Rigid Coil Probe - Features a bent tube leading to the probe enabling it to be suspended in a condensing tube or dewar without additional support. Also, rather than being supported by a clamp on a lab stand, this one can hang on the side of the container. An ideal alternative to volatile dry ice cooling in a distillation system.
$5,350.00 - $5,830.00USD / Each

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Min Temperature (° C) Power (VAC) Description
Availability Pricing
-100 120 Finger Probe
$5,350.00USD / Each
-100 240 Finger Probe
$5,770.00USD / Each
-80 120 Coil Probe
$5,720.00USD / Each
-80 240 Coil Probe
$5,720.00USD / Each
-80 120 Hangable Coil Probe
$5,830.00USD / Each
-80 240 Hangable Coil Probe
$5,830.00USD / Each
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