Cole-Parmer Rocking Shakers

Slow speeds mix live cultures without agitation
  • Platform lip and nonskid mat securely hold flat-bottom vessels
  • Built-in timer and digital speed display ensure repeatable results
  • Triple the capacity with optional tier system
These rocking shakers offer small capacity options for personal use or for tight spaces, and larger capacities for larger laboratories and high-throughput applications. Easily disassemble and clean the tier system, which is held together by magnets (order separately).

See-saw motion rocker (51700-21 to -24) is perfect for culture flasks and Petri dishes, producing a rolling wave in your sample.

Gyrational motion rocker (51700-17 to -20) is ideal for low-foam applications requiring gentle swirling, such as DNA extractions and histological preparations.
$733.25 - $1,403.50USD / Each

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Max Load (lbs) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
6.6 120
$733.25USD / Each
6.6 230
$1,048.00USD / Each
22 120
$1,403.50USD / Each
22 230
$1,377.00USD / Each
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