Cole-Parmer Rotary Evaporator Systems with Manual Lift Stands

Quality, efficient evaporator systems at affordable prices
  • Raise and lower the system easily and smoothly with the mechanical lift
  • Obtain better reproducibility with the digital bath
  • Ambidextrous design makes operation more comfortable and lab space friendly
These rotary evaporator systems come with two condenser type options. Choose the diagonal condenser where height space is limited, while the vertical condenser is suitable where bench space is limited.
There are also two water bath options. The 90°C bath is made of 304 stainless steel and is for water only, suitable for low boiling point applications. The higher temperature 180°C bath is made of aluminum with a PTFE coating and can be used with both water and oil, ideal for higher boiling point liquids.
Glassware set includes 1-L pear-shaped sample flask, 1-L round bottom receiving flask, and condenser.
$3,375.00 - $4,088.50USD / Each

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Bath Type Condenser Type Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
Water Diagonal 230
$4,088.50USD / Each
Water Diagonal 115
$3,375.00USD / Each
Water Vertical 230
$4,026.00USD / Each
Water Vertical 115
$3,601.50USD / Each
Water & Oil Diagonal 230
$3,568.50USD / Each
Water & Oil Diagonal 115
$3,579.50USD / Each
Water & Oil Vertical 230
$3,928.00USD / Each
Water & Oil Vertical 115
$3,729.00USD / Each
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