Cole-Parmer® SHP-200 Series Undergrad Analog Stirring Hot Plates

Get true temperature setting and accurate stirring control
  • Compact, stackable design takes up less benchtop and storage space
  • Hot warning light remains on even when unplugged
  • Built with tough aluminum casing for longevity
  • Designed to prevent accidental spillage on control panel
  • BioCote® antimicrobial protection is built in for a cleaner, more hygienic product
Designed with microprocessor-controlled dual thermocouples, these stirring hot plates offer you accurate temperature control and protection from overheating. Units feature a colored LED indicator which surrounds the heat control knob illuminating the actual surface temperature in real time. Powerful magnets and motor provide you with stirring speeds of up to 2000 rpm and mixing capability of up to 15 L of liquid. The square plate design allows you flexibility of vessel sizes and combinations.

To keep you safe, a “hot” warning light flashes whenever the plate surface temperature is above 50 °C and continues to flash until the temperature drops below 50 °C, even when unplugged.

These stirring hot plates feature BioCote® antimicrobial protection which reduces the presence of odor and stain causing microbes such as bacteria, mold, and fungi on the product surface by up to 99.99%.

All models include an integral fitting for a retort rod and allow the retort base to slide underneath. For convenience and power saving, the units are built with a standard mains switch. To achieve accurate sample temperature control up to 200 °C (392 °F), a temperature controller (sold separately) can be connected to the unit.
$504.00 - $565.00USD / Each

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Max Temperature (° C) Power (VAC) Top Plate Material
Availability Pricing
450 230 Glass ceramic
$547.00USD / Each
450 120 Glass ceramic
$565.00USD / Each
325 230 Coated aluminium
$555.00USD / Each
325 120 Coated aluminium
$504.00USD / Each
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