Cole-Parmer Sterile Baffled Shaker Flasks with Cap

Guaranteed sterilization efficacy at SAL 10⁻⁶
  • Virgin nonleaching polycarbonate resin is optically clear
  • Excellent choice for media preparation, cell cultures, microbial ecology, microbial cultures, storage and other applications in microbiology
  • Certified as DNase/RNase-free and nonpyrogenic
  • Fit all standard shaking incubator clamp platforms
  • Increase oxygenation and mixing with the optional baffled flask bottom
  • Optional vented cap with a 0.2 µm hydrophobic membrane
  • Compatible with 50-mm caps and adapters
Cole-Parmer Erlenmeyer flasks undergo a gamma sterilization process in the USA to virtually eliminate all organisms. The manufacturing process achieves an extreme Sterility Assurance Level of SAL 10–6. The flasks are certified as DNase/RNase-free and nonpyrogenic which makes them ideal for applications in microbiology. Flasks are molded from virgin, clear, and nonleaching polycarbonate resin, keeping their optical clarity after sterilization.

Use as a standard Erlenmeyer flask on top of any platform or within shaking incubator clamps. Choose options with a flat or baffled bottom. The baffle indents create a turbulent flow when used with shakers, improving oxygenation and gas transfer.

Create your own custom flask and top connectors for your specific application. A vented cap with a 0.2 µm hydrophobic membrane is available (model 06059-22).

Both flasks and leakproof caps are autoclavable at 15 psi and 121°C for 20 minutes.
$167.00 - $235.00USD / Pkg of 6

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Capacity (mL) Cap Type
Availability Pricing
1000 50 mm, Closed
$167.00USD / Pkg of 6
1000 50 mm, Vented
$189.00USD / Pkg of 6
2000 50 mm, Closed
$196.00USD / Pkg of 6
2000 50 mm, Vented
$235.00USD / Pkg of 6
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