Cole-Parmer® TB-800 Series Touch-Screen Analytical Balances

Weighing surface allows for precise weighing of small items
  • Five-year industry-leading warranty
  • IR proximity touchless sensors offer touch-free balance control
  • Color capacitive touch-screen display provides clear visibility of weighing results
  • USB, RS-232, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi interfaces offer secure data connections
  • Autotest GLP function quickly diagnoses weighing errors
  • Adjustable filter settings help optimize performance depending on the working environment
  • Menu screen can be customized to match your everyday needs
  • Statistics working mode quickly analyzes data from series of measurements
  • Multiple working modes handle a variety of weighing functions
  • Menu descriptions can be displayed in multiple languages
  • Fast stabilization and response time
  • Spacious weighing chamber allows for tool-free disassembly and assembly
  • Anti-static coating on weighing chamber panes (0.01mg and 0.1mg four place readability)
The Cole-Parmer series of analytical balances feature a removable glass draft shield with three doors for easy cleanup and access to the weighing pan. The balances are calibrated either internally or externally using a calibration mass. The 4-1/4" x 2-1/2" color capacitive touch-screen display features a status bar, weighing result window, editable information fields, and editable tool bar. The area beneath weight indication display can be customized to meet your personal programming needs.
Two built-in infrared (IR) proximity sensors can be programmed with different functions for each working mode enabling touch-free balance control, while minimizing cross-contamination.
Working modes include weighing, parts counting, check weighing, dosing, percent weighing, density of solids, density of liquids, animal weighing, statistics, peak hold, and formulations. Other features include adjustable filter level settings, quick-access keys, balance taring, balance zeroing, auto switch-off, and backlight turn-off time.
The balances feature several databases for recording products, users, packaging, customers, formulations, formulation reports, ambient conditions, and weighing. Only users with appropriate access can add new records, export data, import data, delete records, and print saved data. RS-232, 2×USB-A (interchangeable), USB-B, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi† offer external connection to a computer or printer for GLP/GMP-compliant output. The autotest GLP function provides an enhanced balance summary to aid in assessing operation and diagnosing reasons for occurrence of errors in weighing.

†Only models with internal calibration feature Wi-Fi interface.
$2,665.00 - $3,465.00USD / Each

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Calibration Type Capacity (g) Readability (mg)
Availability Pricing
Internal 160 0.1
$2,854.72USD / Each
$3,244.00USD / Each
Internal 220 0.1
$3,465.00USD / Each
Internal 310 0.1
$3,113.44USD / Each
$3,538.00USD / Each
External 62 0.1
$2,665.00USD / Each
External 160 0.1
$2,756.00USD / Each
External 220 0.1
$3,167.00USD / Each
External 310 0.1
$3,353.00USD / Each
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