Cole-Parmer® TELOS® Silica Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC) Plates

Improve mixture separation and faster runs with TLC plates available in popular sizes
  • Monitor chemical reactions with speed and simplicity
  • Perform sample qualitative analysis of reaction products
  • Available with a green fluorescent indicator with a maximum intensity at 254 nm
  • Fully compatible with TELOS Flash, Flash-LL, and SPE columns
Complete faster mixture separations with TELOS thin-layer chromatography plates with a glass or aluminum backing for a rigid working surface. For chemical separations that may be colorless, TLC plates are available with a green fluorescent indicator (GF254) to visualize spots. The fluorescent compound is mixed with the media to visualize spots when illuminated with UV light at 254 nm.

The TELOS TLC plates have similar chromatographic behavior to the TELOS Flash chromatography columns. Easily transfer TLC solvent systems to other TELOS flash products. TELOS TLC plates are sealed to guarantee moisture content consistency, uniform characteristics, and standard sorbents to ensure reliable reproduction and accurate results every time.
$84.00 - $223.00USD / Pkg of 10

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Backing Material Fluorescent Indicator (° C) Plate Length (cm)
Availability Pricing
Glass GF254 20
$84.00USD / Pkg of 10
Glass No 20
$87.50USD / Pkg of 10
Aluminum GF254 20
$223.00USD / Pkg of 20
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