Cole-Parmer® TR-200 Series Stuart Tube Rotators

Get complete mixing with both rocking and rolling movement
  • Fully adjustable mixing angle optimizes mixing for any sample
  • Integrated drip tray prevents workspace spills
  • Variety of tube holder discs allows customization for your application
These rotators keep cultures in suspension without compromising The angle of rotation is fully adjustable with a scale to measure and reproduce the mixing angle, from horizontal for minimal mixing to vertical for full end-over-end mixing. Wide operating conditions allow for safe use in incubators up to 40 °C (general ambient use is up to 60 °C) and in cold rooms down to 4 °C.

The tube holders can be removed and replaced quickly and easily. Order dual tube holder disc adapter 00077-23 to mount two tube holders simultaneously.
$424.50 - $752.00USD / Each

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Max Speed (rpm) Power (VAC) Description
Availability Pricing
40 120 Tube Rotator, 120 VAC
$752.00USD / Each
20 230 TR-200 Tube Rotator, Fixed Speed, 230V 50Hz
$424.50USD / Each
20 120 TR-200-120 Tube Rotator, Fixed Speed, 120V 60Hz
$440.25USD / Each
40 230 TR-200D Tube Rotator, Variable Speed, 230V 50Hz
$622.00USD / Each
40 120 TR-200D-120 Tube Rotator, Variable Speed, 120V 60Hz
$640.00USD / Each
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