Cole-Parmer® Ultrasonic Processor Cup Horn for 500- and 750-Watt Ultrasonic Processors

Process a sample in isolation from the probe
  • Cooling water can be circulated through the cup during operation
Use this cup horn to process a sample in absolute isolation from the probe. The horn is especially useful for processing samples that must be kept in a sealed vessel, such as pathogens. The ultrasonic vibrations are transmitted through the water in the cup causing cavitation in the sample vessel.
$96.00 - $2,160.00USD / Each

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Tip Diameter (cm) Tip Diameter (in) Description
Availability Pricing
6.35 2.5 Ultrasonic Processor Cup Horn, 2-1/2\" Dia
$2,160.00USD / Each
0.47752 0.188 Ultrasonic Processor Cup Horn Microtube Holder
$96.00USD / Each
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