Cole-Parmer® Vacuum/Pressure Pumps Coated with PTFE

Wetted parts are coated with PTFE to handle your toughest applications
  • Lightweight aluminum construction and compact size
  • Pumps with gauges and regulators give you more control of your vacuum/pressure applications
These pumps are ideal for benchtop applications such as vacuum filtration. Pumps include suction cup feet and a 6-ft power cord with built-in switch (the 115 VAC models have grounded plug, 220 VAC and DC models have stripped ends).
$544.50 - $883.00USD / Each

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Free-Air Capacity (CFM) Max Vacuum (in Hg) Description
Availability Pricing
0.75 23.2 PTFE-Coated Vacuum Pump, Gauge/Reg/Valve; 0.75 cfm/23.2\"Hg-25psi/115V
$852.50USD / Each
0.55 22 PTFE-Coated Vacuum Pump, Gauge/Reg/Valve; 0.55 cfm/22\"Hg-20psi/220V
$883.00USD / Each
1.2 22.9 PTFE-Coated Vacuum Pump, Gauge/Reg/Valve; 1.2 cfm/22.9\"Hg-20psi/12VDC
$879.00USD / Each
0.75 23.2 Vacuum/pressure diaphragm pumps, PTFE-coated wetted parts, 0.75 cfm, 115 VAC
$544.50USD / Each
0.55 22 Vacuum/pressure diaphragm pumps, PTFE-coated wetted parts, 0.55 cfm, 220 VAC
$544.50USD / Each
1.2 22.9 Vacuum/pressure diaphragm pumps, PTFE-coated wetted parts, 1.2 cfm, 12 VDC
$550.00USD / Each
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