Digi-Sense Variable Time Temperature Controllers

Manually set power control dial from 5 to 100% to control the output wattage
This timed control turns the output load on and off and then repeats the cycle. Each position on the knob from LO to HI represents a specific cycle time where the on time ranges from 6 to 100 percent. For example the LO setting represents a total cycle of 60 seconds with an on time of 4 seconds. This type of control can be used to regulate the temperature of resistive loads. The pilot light on the front will glow when the load is on.
$212.50USD / Each

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Max Temperature (° F) Power (VAC) Description
Availability Pricing
149 120 Variable- Time Output Controller 1440 Watts, 120 V 50/60 Hz
$212.50USD / Each
$250.00USD / Each
149 240 Variable- Time Output Controller, 2400 Watts, 240 V 50/60 Hz
$212.50USD / Each
$250.00USD / Each
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