Dwyer DH-3 Differential Pressure Controller

Digital gauge combines control relay switches and a transmitter with current output
  • Allows the reduction of several instruments with one product
  • Save inventory, installation time, and money
These controllers are an ideal instrument for pressure, velocity and flow applications. The differential pressure controller allows the selection of pressure, velocity or volumetric flow operation in common engineering units. Digital gauge features two spdt relays with adjustable deadband and are provided along with a scalable 4-20 mA process output.

The gauge’s keypad allow you to access 5 simplified menus that provide access to: security level; selection of pressure, velocity or flow operation; selection of engineering units; K-factor for use with flow sensors; rectangular or circular duct for inputting area in flow applications; set point control or set point and alarm operation; alarm operation as a high, low or high/low alarm; automatic or manual alarm reset; alarm delay; view peak and valley process reading; digital damping for smoothing erratic process applications; scaling the 4-20 mA process output to fit your applications range and field calibration.

Airflow in ducts
Filter status
Static pressures in ducts or buildings
Damper control
Fan control

$363.50 - $446.30USD / Each

2 variations of this product are available.

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Accuracy Max Pressure (PSI)
Availability Pricing
Dwyer DH3-002 Differential Pressure Controller, range 0-0.25" WC EW-68063-00 Mfr # DH3-002
±1% at 77°F (25°C) including hysteresis and repeatability (after 1 hour warm-up)
$446.30USD / Each
Dwyer DH3-010 Differential Pressure Controller, range 0-50" WC EW-68063-14 Mfr # DH3-010
±0.5% at 77°F (25°C) including hysteresis and repeatability (after 1 hour warm-up)
$363.50USD / Each
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