Ecodyst® EcoChyll® X5 Tankless Evaporator System

Reduces distillation time, increases productivity
  • Tankless design—no water, dry ice, or antifreeze required for cooling
  • Vertical high-speed evaporation avoids bumping
  • Easily drain product without removing large evaporation vessel
  • Eliminates expensive rotary motor with overhead stirring
  • All glassware is stationary
The EcoChyll® X5 turnkey evaporator system is ideal for industrial-scale operations. A tankless refrigeration unit features a chemical-resistant metal condenser which can reach -20 to -30°C within three to five minutes. Its cooling capacity at -30°C is 5680 BTU per hour at 90°F ambient. No water or antifreeze is required for cooling making it safer than traditional evaporators by preventing frostbite and exposure to CO2. The highly efficient double-loop metal coil condenser prevents vapors from escaping into the vacuum pump and the environment.

This revolutionary tankless cooling technology works faster and at a higher capacity than traditional rotary evaporators, allowing you to reduce distillation time, increase productivity, save money, and focus on more complex tasks. The tankless condenser unit is also sold separately.
$46,145.00 - $63,450.00USD / Each

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Capacity Condenser Type Description
Availability Pricing
Ecodyst EcoChyll® X5  Tankless Evaporator, 1 Phase; 230 VAC EW-42000-06 Mfr # EC979
22 and 50 L Refrigerated Tankless Evaporator, Single Phase; 230 VAC
$46,145.00USD / Each
Ecodyst EcoChyll® X5 Tankless Evaporator System; 22 L EW-42000-07 Mfr # EC979-22
22 L Refrigerated Tankless Evaporator System; 22 L
$63,450.00USD / Each
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