Environmental Express® AutoBlock™ Plus Digestion Systems

Automated sample prep for metals digestions
  • Robust construction ensures durability and longevity
  • Intuitive software is easy to install and understand
  • Reagent addition and final fill-to-volume steps are controlled by peristaltic pumps—delivering accuracy <2%
  • Reagent segregation isolated reagents containing metals from the reagents used in digestions for trace metals
  • Save time with three 18-place polycarbonate racks—allowing for convenient loading of up to 54 samples
  • Engineered lift system raises and lowers samples into wells of the heating block with precision
  • Easily vent benchtop unit via a 4" duct system for optimal safety
The AutoBlock Plus digestion system automates sample prep all the way through a final fill-to-volume step but takes up less space and costs less than previous models and competing products. It digests up to 54 samples simultaneously, adding up to ten reagents, while controlling sample temperatures and digestion times. Easy-to-install software comes programmed with common EPA Methods and records all digestion procedures and data.

Getting consistent results and freeing up analyst’s time has never been easier. The analyst initiates a method and AutoBlock Plus system does the rest. To operate, the analyst simply chooses a method, loads samples into the AutoBlock Plus system, and presses the start button. The dispensing arm with probe robotically adds the appropriate amount of the specified reagent to each sample. The samples are lowered into the heated block and the temperature is held at the desired level for the allotted time period. When the procedure calls for additional reagents the system lifts the samples, turns off the heat, and cools the samples with HEPA-filtered air. After cooling, the additional reagents are added. The samples are lowered back into the graphite block, the block re-heats and digestion continues. When all digestion procedures are complete, the samples are lifted and cooled. A special probe sensor determines the level of the digestate in each vessel. The AutoBlock Plus automatically calculates the volume necessary and fills each sample to the specified final volume. A visual alarm alerts the analyst that the digestion procedure is complete. After each reagent addition, the entire fluid delivery system is purged with DI water to flush corrosive reagents from the system. With the AutoBlock Plus, reagent additions and digestion intervals are scheduled and timed automatically. This uniformity in process improves productivity and provides consistent results. The analyst is free to perform other tasks and can monitor the digestion progress by viewing the control screen at any time.
$31,238.00 - $31,593.00USD / Each

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Capacity (mL) Power (VAC) Description
Availability Pricing
50 120 AutoBlock™ Plus Digestion System; 120 VAC
$31,238.00USD / Each
50 240 AutoBlock™ Plus Digestion System; 240 VAC
$31,593.00USD / Each
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