Environmental Express® SPE-Express® 2 Automated Oil & Grease Extraction Systems

Provides an automated efficient analysis with reduced errors to conserve your lab's most important resource - its analysts' time
  • Automates extraction and evaporation of the sample, eliminating a “hands-on” transfer step
  • Built-in fluid sensor verifies extraction progress to check for a clogged disk, ensuring sample components are evaporated to completion
  • Simultaneous operation capability of up to 3 stations for optimal efficiency
  • Preloaded method parameters for US EPA Method 1664
The SPE-Express® 2 system is intended for the automated extraction of oil and grease material following US EPA Method 1664. The self-contained unit employs a Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) disk to capture and separate oil and grease components from sample media. Components are eluted from the SPE disk using n-hexane and collected in an aluminum pan. Following elution and collection, the remaining solvent mixture is then evaporated through gently applied heat source removing the n-hexane and capturing the oil and grease component residue.

A factory installed, software-controlled, method program performs system setup, execution, and cleaning in compliance with EPA Method 1664. The user interface (UI) is easily navigated by technicians. Methods can be customized to meet individual lab requirements. Use of this automated software eliminates carryover with uncompromised accuracy.

The SPE-Express® 2 is an instrument that performs an automated process in place of antiquated liquid/liquid extraction techniques that require manual time-intensive sample interaction. By adding a fluid management system to the extraction process and built-in evaporation capability, a hands-free method is accomplished.
$16,995.00USD / Each

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47 mm Disk, Complete System, 120/240 VAC
$16,995.00USD / Each
90 mm Disk, Complete System, 120/240 VAC
$16,995.00USD / Each
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