FLIR® ONE® Pro LT Thermal Imaging Camera Attachment for Smartphones

Capture vivid thermal images instantly on your smartphone
  • Expanded temperature range allows you to measure up to 248ºF (120ºC)
  • Detects temperature differences down to 100 mK
  • Features 17 µm thermal pixel size
  • MSX® imagery enhancement provides sharper, easier to analyze images
  • Adjustable-height connector attaches securely to mobile device—no need to remove protective case
  • FLIR ONE app makes sharing images on social media a snap
  • Rated to withstand a drop from almost 6 ft
The FLIR ONE Pro LT thermal imaging camera attachment for your smartphone, lets you to see in the dark, observe invisible heat sources, and compare relative temperatures. The 80 x 60 thermal image resolution and on-screen spot thermometer for real-time temperatures between –4 to 248°F (–20 to 120°C) are ideal for inspecting electrical panels, discovering HVAC problems, or finding water damage.

A revolutionary VividIR™ thermal image processor allows you to see more details, measure smaller components from far away, and safely work near energized equipment. The FLIR MSX® feature embosses visible light details onto thermal images, allowing you to see exactly what you are looking at. The 1440 x 1080 visual resolution camera offers multiple temperature meters, level/span controls, nine dynamic color palettes, automatic and manual shutter, and a fixed 15 cm to infinity focus.

Enhance your experience with the FLIR ONE app, available for free online. The app provides a simple and intuitive user interface allowing you to measure multiple temperatures or regions of interest at once, collect and share thermal images on social media, and stream to your smartwatch for remote viewing.
$349.99USD / Each

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Flir One Pro LT Thermal Imaging Phone Accessory for Android with USB-C Connector; 80 x 60 resolution EW-35725-19 Mfr # FLIR ONE PRO LT Android USB-C
248 80 x 60 Thermal Imaging Phone Accessory for Android with USB-C Connector
$349.99USD / Each
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