FLIR® SV87 Vibration Monitoring Solution

A wireless, connected sensing-solution designed for continuous vibration and temperature monitoring
  • Monitor vibration and temperature to make better-informed decisions
  • Minimize exposure to dangerous environments and difficult-to-access locations
  • Gain quick understanding of the state of manufacturing equipment
  • Check conditions remotely from a mobile device or PC
  • Receive an automatic alert or email the instant a defined vibration or temperature threshold is exceeded
  • Export sensor data to CSV files for analysis
The FLIR Vibration Monitoring Solution allows you to monitor machinery for excessive vibration and over-temperature conditions using a mobile device exclusively (stand-alone) or a combination of Windows® PC and mobile device. Accelerometers in the remote sensors measure changes in vibration while thermometers measure surface temperature. This product can check for balance issues, eccentricity, misalignment, and looseness. Vibration trending and analysis can help detect serious problems with industrial machines long before the damage can be seen. Ideal for manufacturing environments that use rotating machinery, industrial pumps, fans, gearboxes, and motors. The remote monitoring gateway stores sensor data and wirelessly transmits readings in real time to a mobile device or PC. This allows professionals to make informed decisions about machine operation and maintenance without a manual inspection.
$149.25 - $1,175.00USD / Each

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Flir Remote Monitoring Gateway with Four Vibration and Temperature Sensors EW-23029-07 Mfr # SV87-KIT
Remote Monitoring Gateway with Four Vibration and Temperature Sensors
$1,175.00USD / Each
Flir Remote Monitoring Gateway EW-23029-08 Mfr # GW65
Remote Monitoring Gateway
$149.25USD / Each
Flir Vibration and Temperature Sensor for Remote Monitoring Gateway EW-23029-09 Mfr # SV87
Vibration and Temperature Sensor for Remote Monitoring Gateway
$299.25USD / Each
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